Big Green

Big Green

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by Declan Comerford

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Original oil on stretched canvas #8 measuring 60 x 45 cms. This is a complete rework of a B&W painting created in early 2021. It is a dark painting with light reflections at the edge of a forest. The build up of the oil paint created the image that is now complete. Due to the size of the painting, it will be difficult to ship internationally so please contact me directly if interested in this painting.

artform: painting

theme: landscape

mood: calming

style: eclectic

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Artist Photo

I spent 35 years working for a major US corporation and decided in 2021 to begin painting. Being an artist is not my new "job", it is a new challenge which I am loving, right now. I create the original oil paintings from my imagination, I do not like to paint real scenes or locations as I find this restricts my creativity. What happens on the canvas is rarely planned out and my oil paintings develop on the canvas. I paint with oil paints on stretched canvas. I tried different mediums when I started painting but I came back to oils as I like the blends of colour that can be created. I also use copious amounts of white spirits to create different blending affects which probably helps with some of the more abstract works. I have always loved walking in forests and so trees play a huge part in the art works I create. I also like to play with different types of lighting, especially as the background to many of my paintings. I don't see myself as a full-time artist, it's part of my journey and may become a full-time activity. Time will tell.

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