Black and White Buick

Black and White Buick

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by Dominie Rodino

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London, UK

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artform: photography

theme: street

mood: cool

style: classic

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Artist Photo

Dominie Rodino

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London, UK These photographs form part of an ever-growing portfolio that have been taken over a 15-year period. Born to a New Zealander and an American, Dominie has lived in the UK, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Miami, Jakarta and Italy. An international upbringing is the reason these prints are from around the world. Without a particular specialty, the golden thread amongst Dominie’s photographs are minimal editing with a preference to present things as they are. A big believer in having possessions that spark joy, we hope these prints have that effect on you too. Her mission is simple: to share beautiful and unique images that can be enjoyed anywhere. These photographs were born from a sheer passion for photography and a curiousity to document our world.

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