Looks Like Rain

Looks Like Rain

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by Declan Comerford

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Original oil painting #95 on stretched canvas measuring 42 x 30 cms. This painting has gone through many changes and was one I planned to paint over. I decided to leave it alone as it has something about it in its unfinished state. I have to learn to leave the paintings alone.

artform: painting

theme: landscape

mood: cool

style: classic

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Artist Photo

I spent 35 years working for a major US corporation and decided in 2021 to begin painting. Being an artist is not my new "job", it is a new challenge which I am loving, right now. I create the original oil paintings from my imagination, I do not like to paint real scenes or locations as I find this restricts my creativity. What happens on the canvas is rarely planned out and my oil paintings develop on the canvas. I paint with oil paints on stretched canvas. I tried different mediums when I started painting but I came back to oils as I like the blends of colour that can be created. I also use copious amounts of white spirits to create different blending affects which probably helps with some of the more abstract works. I have always loved walking in forests and so trees play a huge part in the art works I create. I also like to play with different types of lighting, especially as the background to many of my paintings. I don't see myself as a full-time artist, it's part of my journey and may become a full-time activity. Time will tell.

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