job vacancy  ll  artful city manager

The artful project is a social enterprise that will give artists the chance they never had. The artful platform will create sales opportunities and generate an income for artists by disrupting the elitist art market and bringing together artists, businesses, and consumers to make markets more artful than ever.

You are an art-loving self-starter, ready to activate your network and engage the community in the city you know so well.

You have a social mindset and are keen to make changes for parts of society that are struggling. You are creative, solution-oriented, an enthusiastic organizer with an interest in all things beautiful.

You will

  • Acquire and manage a growing portfolio of customers 
  • Build a network of suppliers in your area and source smartly
  • Pitch in with spreading the artful message like a true marketeer
  • Independently identify strategic business opportunities
  • Work collaboratively with the artful team all over the world, and serve as a resource within your region


  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong strategic planning, budgeting, and organizational skills
  • Experience in working cross-functionally 
  • Ability to prioritise and fight multiple fires simultaneously
  • Good networking, soft skills, savvy with social media
  • Enthusiasm for the artful cause
  • Be sound – no bs!

Required weekly hours:

depends on you. 20 hours per week is our first guess.

Artful compensation:

More than fair really.

Get in touch at, we’ll set you up to make your city artful.

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