Concrete Jungle


This is a digital piece I created.

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This artwork is based around human perception and how each persons perception can be altered by many things for example in this case learning disabilities this print expresses the overload of everyday life, tasks and school life for somebody living with a learning disability. It is expressed in a bright and colourful way because of […]

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It\\’s a war zone

\\\” أتيت ولكني لم أصل..وجئت ولكني لم أعد \\\” – محمود درويش. \\\” I came but I didn\\\’t arrive and I came but I didn\\\’t come back \\\” – Mahmoud Darwish Background: Palestine 2021 by @wissamgaza

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Trippy Tracy Turnblad

This poster explores the theatre production \\\\\\\”Hairspray\\\\\\\” and the concept of facing and fighting against what is \\\\\\\”normal\\\\\\\” to society. It is shown in the production as fighting for racial integration which was seen as a taboo subject in the 1960s

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rainy day

playing with proportion and colour to create a unique, interesting feel to the piece.

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day dream nov 2020

working with photoshop using my own drawings and prints (disperse collage background) to create a collaged sort of piece.

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Who controls who

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my wall my wall