payment terms

artful exhibition

costs for your artful exhibition comprise a charge per artwork and a curating fee. the artful exhibition will be displayed for three months on your premises. 

curating fee of € 25 includes:

  • guidance regarding the curation of your artful exhibition 
  • advice on artistic, practical and technical set-up in the exhibition space 
  • mounting of all framed pictures 
  • replacement of all framed pictures that were purchased by an artlover 
  • taking down all pictures after the expiry of the artful exhibition after three months

cost per artwork featuring in your artful exhibition: € 25

  • regardless of size, format, frame, or purchase price of the art piece

your art sale

you, as the artist, determine the sales price of each individual work of art when you upload it to our artful service. 

you have no costs, no expenses, and we take care of printing your art. That means this artful service is for FREE!

you, contributing to artful exhibitions around the world, being seen by art lovers everywhere, all the exposure: FREE. 

you won’t ever have to make a payment to the artful project.

should your art (now the printed picture in the frame) be purchased from an artful exhibition you will receive the sales price as originally determined by yourself. artful will deduct 25% of the sales price to account for work and material expenses. 

art has its price, and to keep it worthwhile for the exhibiting users and the artful team, the artful project will deduct 50% of the sales price if it has a price tag < € 25.

purchasing your art directly from the wall of an artful exhibition

you’ll see the price for each work of art on the artful information card that comes with the art and if you use the QR-code or URL to view the art piece. 

proceeds go to the artist – and that’s what the artful project is about. 

As soon as you have paid, you, the exhibiting user, and the artist will get a notification, and the work of art (as is, with its frame) is yours. 

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